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Goalie Rotation - Updated 9/29
by posted 09/15/2019

Week Starting Name
9/9 Lillian Dumonski
9/16 Madelyn Ryan
9/30 Alexa Ruggieri
10/7 - Tournament Day 1 TBD
10/7 - Tournament Day 2 TBD

Yet To Be Scheduled - Round 1:

Joanna Halle

Kennedy Young

Aislinn Klapik

Noelle Bittar

Aliannah Carey

Ally Dombkowski

Leah Dombkowski


These are the girls that expressed interest in trying goalie so far (not the order in which they will be scheduled). Let me know if any of the girls on the list want to be taken off or any of the girls not on the list want to be put on. At this point, I am expecting each of the girls to get 2-3 turns as goalie depending on how the list shrinks / grows throughout the season.

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Game Clock Rotation
by posted 09/14/2019

Game Clock Rotation - Reminder if you cannot do the assigned weekend please feel free to swap but please find someone who can.


Weekend Volunteer Name
9/21 - 9/22 Klapik
10/5 - 10/6 Bittar
10/19 - 10/20 Dombkowski
10/26 - 10/27 Carey
11/9 - 11/10 Dolch
11/12 - 11/24 Loucks
12/7 - 12/8 Ruggieri
12/14 - 12/15 Ryan
12/21 - 12/22 Young

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