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Northern Lights Families,
We are excited to bring you a new fundraising opportunity for the 2012-2013 season - a pie and cookie dough sale.  This should be a great hit seeing that the holidays are coming upon us quickly and every household needs pies and cookies!
How will this work?
- All families will receive individual order forms for the pies and cookie dough.
- Sell pies and cookie dough to family, friends and coworkers!  For each pie and cookie dough order sold, the earnings will be distributed between the individual families and the organization. Ex: For each pie sold (retail $15), $4 will go to the family and $2 to the Lights...and for each order of cookie dough (retail $12), $2 to the family and $1 to the Lights. Individual family earnings will be applied to your tuition expense for the 2012-2013 season.  If you have already paid in full, your earnings can be applied to next year's tuition.  Contributions earned for the Northern Lights will help us further defray costs and keep tuition prices down!
- Order forms will be distributed on Thursday, September 27th and will need to be returned on Thursday, October 18th.
- Pick-up night for the delivery of the pies and cookie dough will be Monday, November 19th.  Please keep in mind that all materials must be kept cold, so please plan accordingly.  There will be more details regarding pick-up to follow.
Will there be a prize offered for sales?
- Yes!  The team which has sold the highest total earnings will win a Pizza Party!  
What is the fundraising commitment?
- In 2012-2013 we moved away from a formal fundraising commitment, although fundraising may be used to satisfy your tuition bill.  The last payment is due in November to allow time for this pie and cookie sale.
Will you be doing Lucky Lotto?
The board has decided to remove the Lucky Lotto for this year.
Are there other ways I can defray the cost of tuition?
The Northern Lights also sponsors a booth at all UCONN football games - volunteers earn a percentage of revenue towards their tuition.  For more information contact Jill Darby at (860)558-3411 or 
If you have any questions regarding the Pie and Cookie Dough Fundraiser, please do not hesitate to contact me at   or at (413)531-9000.